The Ohio Library Council presents major awards honoring individuals and organizations that make significant contributions to Ohio’s public library community. The OLC’s Awards and Honors Committee continually strives to attract a robust and diverse pool of nominations to be considered for these prestigious awards. The committee is looking for the innovative and dedicated people who make Ohio’s libraries successful and vibrant. You are encouraged to recognize the achievements of your colleagues by nominating them for an award (see categories and descriptions below).

Award recipients are chosen by the OLC’s Awards and Honors Committee based on nominations and recommendations received from the Ohio library community. Recipients will be recognized during an awards ceremony at the 2017 Convention and Expo in Dayton. 

Nominations are now closed and the 2017 Awards and Honors recipients have been notified.

Recipients will be honored during an Awards and Honors Luncheon at the 2017 Convention and Expo.

Awards and Honors Support Packet Checklist for 2017  (PDF)
Complete support materials accepted until June 2, 2017

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Hall of Fame Librarian | Librarian of the Year | Service Excellence Award | Ohio Friends of the Library Recognition |Trustee/Board of Trustees Award of Achievement | John Philip Outreach Award | Diana Vescelius Memorial Award | Library Innovation Award

Recognizes a librarian for his/her career achievements.  

OLC member; MLIS; and minimum of 10 years experience in Ohio libraries

Career has demonstrated: 1) Sustained leadership; 2) Active participation in local, state, and/or national library organizations; 3) Commitment to the library profession; and 4) Contribution to the community at large.

Suggested Background Material — Hall of Fame

Contact Missy Lodge if you need further information about the Hall of Fame Librarian Award.

Honors a librarian whose recent accomplishments have impacted the library profession and/or library service to the community.

OLC member; MLIS; and minimum 5 years experience in libraries

1) Exhibits distinguished service in the library community; 2) Demonstrates evidence of professional achievements; 3) Developsand implements new services; 4) Creates partnerships within the community to provide innovative services; and 5) Active involvement on the local and state level.

Suggested Background Material — Librarian of the Year (PDF)

Contact Patricia Dollisch if you need further information about the Librarian of the Year Award.

Recognizes the achievements of a library employee such as, but not limited to: Fiscal Officers, Human Resources, Technical Services, Marketing, Extension Services, Para-professionals, Library Administration, IT personnel, Clerks, Clerical Staff.

OLC Member

1) Contributions to local library development are significant and merit recognition; 2) Excellence in performing their jobs including contributions enabling the library to best serve its constituents; 3) Exhibits stellar customer service internally and externally; and 4) Works to build networks with organizations and/or groups to back excellence in library work.

Suggested Background Material — Service Excellence Award (PDF)

Contact Jeannine Wilbarger if you need further information about the Service Excellence Award.

Recognizes a Friends group, regardless of community size, that performs imaginative and effective activities that increase community awareness of its library, support library programs, and promote the mission, vision and core values of the library.

Member, Ohio Friends of the Library

1) Imaginative and/or effective activities; and 2) Activities that increase community awareness of the library, support library programs, and promote the mission, vision and core values of the library.

Suggested Background Material — Ohio Friends of the Library Recognition

Contact Jennifer Welsh if you need further information about the Ohio Friends of the Library Recognition Award.

Recognizes an individual library board member or entire board of trustees that demonstrates distinguished service and innovative leadership within the community or across Ohio.

OLC Member or Institutional Member; for individuals, current or past participation on library board

Individual or board has demonstrated: 1) Active and innovative leadership; and 2) Sustained commitment to service at the local or state level.

Suggested Background Material — Trustee/Board of Trustees Award of Achievement

Contact Laura Lehner if you need further information about the Trustee/Board of Trustees Award of Achievement.

Recognizes exceptional achievement in library outreach services. John Philip was a consultant with the State Library of Ohio. His responsibilities included the State bookmobile program in Southern Ohio and its successor, Southeast Ohio Library Center. During his tenure, Philip often marveled at the determined efforts of library employees to bring the benefits of libraries to these isolated populations. Upon his retirement, this Outreach Award was established and named in his honor.

Library staff, department, Friend, volunteer, member of the community or library organization.

1) Displays exceptional achievement in library outreach; and 2) Demonstrates true dedication to the philosophy of bringing library programs and services to the underserved.

Suggested Background Material — John Philip Outreach Award

Contact Marisa Frantz if you need further information about the John Philip Outreach Award.

Recognizes Ohio’s library leaders of tomorrow. This award was created as an acknowledgement of Diana’s enthusiasm, and active and creative contributions to the library profession.

OLC member; MLIS or library school student; 35 years or younger or worked 5 years or less in libraries.

Individual career demonstrates future leadership potential by demonstrating an outstanding commitment to the profession, including advocacy in special areas such as intellectual freedom, library innovation, outreach, and/or expansion of library services.

Suggested Background Material — Diana Vescelius Memorial Award

Contact Maria Sferra if you need further information about the Diana Vescelius Memorial Award.

Recognizes the wide variety of expertise, creative talent, and successful initiatives incorporated in Ohio public libraries, regardless of size. OLC will promote the winning entries on a statewide and national level.

OLC member and/or Institutional member (an individual, group or team of individuals, specific library department, and/or branch, or a public library)

1) Program or initiative that breaks new ground in library service, programming, etc.; 2) Significantly benefits employees, library patrons, library operations, or the community-at-large; and 3) Program or initiative can be replicated in other Ohio libraries.

Suggested Background Material — Library Innovation Award

Contact Anne Kennedy if you need further information about the Library Innovation Award.

If you have a question, please contact Jeanine D’Andrea, OLC Director of Member Services, or Rochelle LeMaster OLC Awards and Honors Committee Chair.