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Who can belong?

Individual membership is open to:

  • any staff member of a library or library organization;
  • former or retired library staff members who are not currently employed by library-related organizations; self-employed providing services to libraries;
  • former members of library boards of trustees;
  • professors, administrators or instructors of library science;
  • students in a school of librarianship, library technology or a library trainee program; or
  • those seeking employment in a library.

Persons employed by commercial vendors or other organizations that provide services to libraries are not eligible for Individual membership in the OLC. Such persons are eligible to join as representatives of organizations through the Associate Membership program.


Join the American Library Association and the OLC for one low price.

How do I join?

Prospective members can join online @ my OLC or by sending a completed Membership Application by mail or fax.

How much does it cost?

Individual members pay annual dues based on their salaries (see below). Many libraries pay all or a portion of OLC membership dues for their staff members so be sure to ask the library’s human resources coordinator, a manager or the library’s director. The OLC keeps a list of Honor Roll Libraries that pay 100% of their staff’s OLC membership dues.

Salary Range Dues
Students/Retirees $25
$9,999 or less $25
$10,000–17,999 $40
$18,000–24,999 $55
$25,000–39,999 $75
$40,000–59,999 $90
$60,000–89,999 $120
$90,000 or more $150
Lifetime $1,000


What’s in it for me?

Education. OLC members receive reduced registration rates for a variety of events designed to help library staff keep up with the ever-changing world of information science and maintain the excellence that Ohioans have come to expect from their public libraries.

Information. OLC members receive regular updates on news and information that affects Ohio’s public libraries through the OLC website and other electronic communications from the OLC staff and OLC Committees and Divisions.

Support. OLC members support and receive the benefit of the OLC’s aggressive and productive advocacy efforts with the state legislature, the Governor’s office, and other areas of state government to ensure that Ohio’s public library systems are well-funded and maintain their national standing as the very best.

Growth. OLC members have access to numerous opportunities for networking and involvement through OLC committees, and divisions. These opportunities to plan meetings, develop educational programming, evaluate trends, and develop resources for other OLC members help prepare library staff for leadership roles within their own libraries. In addition, the OLC’s Jobline provides a listing of career opportunities in library services available in Ohio and the country.

Community. OLC members can learn more about OLC events or connect and share resources online through OLC’s social networking communities.

Specific Benefits of Membership:

  • Subscription to Access, OLC’s weekly member e-newsletter.
  • Complimentary membership in any two divisions.
  • Reduced registration rates at OLC Convention, various conferences, division workshops, and professional development events.
  • Lobbying and legislative support for library interests.
  • Support on intellectual freedom issues.
  • Information and direction from the OLC staff.
  • Opportunities to develop leadership skills through participation on a Committee or a Division Action Council.
  • Opportunities to influence the development of standards for library services, library policies, and personnel procedures.
  • Access to members-only information including news, legislative information, and legal updates.
  • Contact and interaction with support staff and librarians from other libraries.
  • A voice in national activities influencing public libraries through Ohio’s Councilor to the ALA.

How do I get involved?

The OLC relies on more than 200+ elected and appointed volunteer leaders each year to guide the OLC in its activities and assist OLC staff with meeting planning, program selection, trends evaluation, and member communication. The OLC hears from many volunteers that their participation in OLC’s leadership has helped them improve their skills, increase their knowledge of library funding, network with more of their peers, and advance in their careers. OLC members have a variety of opportunities to get involved in the OLC by volunteering to be on a Committee  and/or Division.

Membership Year

OLC’s membership year: January 1–December 31

New Members: Individuals who have not previously been OLC members at least for five or more consecutive years.

  • Join between January 1 and June 30: Full annual membership dues.
  • Join between July 1 and September 30: One-half (pro-rated) annual membership dues.
  • Join after October 1: Free membership for the remainder of the current year with the payment of full dues for the following year.