OLC Group Purchasing and Associate Member Vendor Mall

OLC Group Purchasing Program

The OLC has teamed up with the Sourcing Alliance/Equalis Group to create and manage group purchasing programs that are in accordance with applicable public sector guidelines and, in many cases, satisfy the state-required bidding process.

To get started, register your library with the Sourcing Alliance/Equalis GroupThis service is for OLC Institutional Member Libraries only. There is no cost to register. Be sure to select “Libraries” under “Agency Type” on the form. You will also need your library’s Federal Tax ID number.

Products and services currently available include:

  • PPEs – facial masks, hand sanitizer, disinfectant
  • Office Supplies
  • Janitorial Supplies
  • Furniture and Flooring
  • Carpet/Fabric Protection
  • Branded Merchandise, Event Merchandise, and Recognition/Incentive Programs
  • Energy Savings Solutions
  • LED Lighting
  • Tapes and Adhesives
  • Photo and Video Equipment
  • and more

Register to purchase (for OLC Institutional Members Only)

Supplier listing

Associate Member Vendor Mall

The OLC encourages its members to support our Associate members – the businesses that support the mission of the OLC and its commitment to serve Ohio’s public libraries. These companies can provide products and services that every library can use to serve its customers.


CBLH Design, Inc.

HBM Architects

K4 Architecture

Sheehan Nagle Hartray Architects

SHP Architects

Acoustic Panels Contract Source Inc.
Audio/Visual Materials Midwest Tape | hoopla
Book Jobbers Gumdrop Books
Carpet/Fabric Protection and Cleaning Services Fiber-Seal
Children’s Books Gumdrop Books
Compensation and Consulting Organizational Architecture
Consulting Sheehan Nagle Hartray Architects
Design Collective Spaces Design Works
Financing Strategies Stifel

Contract Source Inc.

Collective Spaces Design Works

HR Consulting Organizational Architecture
Insurance (property and liability) Ohio Plan
Legal Services Bricker and Eckler, LLP
Music/Video Midwest Tape | hoopla
Pre-Bound Books Gumdrop Books
Promotional Materials Gumdrop Books
Recruitment Organizational Architecture
Shelving and Signage

Contract Source Inc.

Collective Spaces Design Works

Special Books and Summer Reading Programs Gumdrop Books
Wall Art Contract Source Inc.
Worker’s Comp Group Rating Sedgwick

Disclaimer: The vendors included in the Vendor Mall are Associate members of the Ohio Library Council and have paid a fee for their listing.

OLC Associate Members

The current Associate Members of the Ohio Library Council include:

Bricker and Eckler LLP

100 S. Third St.
Columbus, OH 43215
Phone: (614) 227-2302
Fax: (614) 227-2390
Rebecca Princehorn icon-email

Bricker and Eckler provides legal services in levy planning, bond financing, and construction issues. For more information go to: bricker.com.


CBLH Design, Inc.

7850 Freeway Circle
Cleveland, OH 44130
Phone: (440) 243-2000
Fax: (440) 243-3305
Tim Hunsicker icon-email

CBLH Design, Inc. is an experienced leader in the architectural community. Our mission is to provide personalized architectural design services emphasizing commitment, integrity and innovation. We understand the complex and evolving issues that our clients face in today’s environment and we strive to develop highly competent solutions in response to these needs. Founded in 1971, CBLH Design has provided exceptional design services for numerous library projects in northern Ohio . Our hands-on approach is one that closely relates to owners, operators and managers to insure that new, expanded and modernized facilities meet program requirements, budgets and schedules successfully. CBLH believes that library design must respect all the varied activities of intended use. Today’s libraries have become community centers providing information, education and recreation for all residents of a community. Library design should reflect stability and character and, when possible, the unique identity of the specific communities they serve. For more information go to: cblhdesign.com.


Collective Spaces Design Works

200 Mill Street
Cincinnati, OH 45215
Phone: (513) 761-0885
Amanda Flynnicon-email

Every room has a purpose. Our goal at Collective Spaces is to bring that purpose to life with unique and functional designs that inspire creativity and learning, encourage fellowship, and foster focus and organization. Having worked in the library and furniture sales industries for more than 20 years, we have nurtured a true passion for library design and space planning. Collective Spaces offers design, furniture, shelving and consulting services with the goal of providing a complete interior solution for our library partners. For more information go to collectivespacesdw.com.


Contract Source Inc.

2 Corporation Center
Broadview Heights, OH 44147
Phone: (216) 351-7575
Fax: (216) 741-4272
Sharon Potoczakicon-email

Contract Source is a full service furniture dealer specializing in library, higher education, and senior living markets for more than 33 years. Our mission is to be the industry standard in personal service, industry expertise, product knowledge, and resources. Our goal is to exceed our clients’ expectations. For more information go to: contractsource.com.


Fiber-Seal of Northern Ohio
23860 Miles Rd., Ste. E
Cleveland, OH  44128
Phone: (216) 581-4144
Fax: (216) 581-1776
Gavin Green icon-email

The Fiber-Seal Fabric Care System of Northern Ohio combines superior post-installation protection products with exceptional follow-up service. We partner with homeowners, facility managers, architects and design professionals to help keep beautiful interior fabrics and carpeting looking that way, day by day, year after year.

Our customized Fiber-Seal service allows our residential and commercial clients to enjoy the fine furnishings they have selected without worrying about spills and soils – we do the work to help eliminate the worry! The Fiber-Seal Fabric Care System helps make the pretty practical, the luxurious livable – all at a cost-effective price!

Fiber-Seal is effective in both new and existing installations and we include furniture cleaning, carpet and area rug cleaning as part of our service.

If you have made an investment in fabrics and carpeting, make Fiber-Seal of Northern Ohio your #1 source for fabric protection and care. For more information, go to: fibersealnorthernohio.com.


Gumdrop Books
802 N 41st Street
Bethany, MO 64424
Phone: 585-303-8325
Fax: 585-303-8325
Jim Hopper icon-email

Why Gumdrop Books?

Extensive Selection of PreK to College Level Materials

  • Choose from hundreds of our publisher partners
  • Exclusive provider of Fitzgerald Books™
  • Thousands of Spanish and Bilingual titles including 14 World Languages
  • Newest releases of fiction and non-fiction materials
  • Home of Scan N Go Discovery – Provides unlimited digital access for patrons

Enhanced Services and Products

  • Free library services powered by Mitinet Library Services (our sister company)
  • Customized curated lists of new releases makes purchasing more efficient

Order with Confidence

  • High fulfillment rate exceeding 97%
  • All materials pre-discounted up to 70%
  • Short turn-around times (orders typically received within 20 business days)
  • Reinforced library bindings provide Gumdrop Books Replacement Guarantee*
  • 24/7 shopping at shop.gumdropbooks.com
  • Free shipping within the U.S. and Canada and flexible payment terms

Exceptional Customer Service

  • Local, expert Educational Consultants to help make purchasing enjoyable
  • Prompt-free Customer Service Department to provide personalized service
  • Exceptional Service, Unconditionally Guaranteed

Learn more at gumdropbooks.com.



HBM Architects

1382 West Ninth Street, Suite 300
Cleveland, OH 44113
Phone: (216) 241-1100
Patty O’Neillicon-email

HBM is a nationally recognized architectural firm focused on library planning, and design throughout the country. Our growth nationwide and history of success with libraries is built on our collaborative approach to design and community engagement. We have worked with more than 700 libraries since the firm was established in 1976. Our projects range from 3,000-300,000 square feet and everything in between. Our in-house services include planning, programming facility assessment, site analysis, budget and schedule development, comprehensive interior design, energy efficient design, and fundraising support. We are known for a broach range of design solutions and architectural styles because we create buildings that resonate with the unique character of each community. For more information go to hbmarchitects.com.


K4 Architecture

555 Gest Street
Cincinnati, OH 45203
Phone: (513) 842-5454

K4 is an integrated team of Architecture, Interior & Graphic Design, Construction, Marketing, and Administrative professionals that design, build, and remodel commercial buildings with a particular focus on financial, retail, medical, education, and multi-family sectors. In response to the changing needs of our clients, K4 has evolved into a full-service design firm and whether you need one or all of our services, we are happy to fit seamlessly into your project in any way that we can. For more information go to k4architecture.com.


Midwest Tape | hoopla

6950 Hall St.
Holland, OH 43528
Phone: (800) 875-2785
Fax: (800) 444-6645
Erin R. Horneicon-email

Located in northwest Ohio, Midwest Tape is a full-service distributor that has been serving public libraries in North America for over twenty years. Our company offers such services as flexible standing orders, VIP processing, electronic ordering, OCLC MARC Records, and a friendly customer service staff that is only a phone call away! On our free, user-friendly website, librarians will find over 120,000 DVD titles, 70,000 Music CD titles, 25,000 Audiobook titles, and 7,000 Playaway titles. For more information go to: midwesttapes.com


Ohio Plan
811 Madison Avenue, 11 Floor
Toledo, OH 43604
Phone: (419) 724-1938
Fax: (419) 259-6099
Jason Chapman icon-email

The Ohio Plan provides comprehensive liability and property coverage in addition to risk management services to Ohio libraries since 1988. For more information, visit ohioplan.org.


Organizational Architecture
3100 E. 45th St., Ste. 462
Cleveland, OH 44127
Phone: (216) 586-4762
Mark Fiala icon-email

Organizational Architecture is a veteran-owned small business and was founded in 2007 to provide organizations with workforce strategy solutions that align with their organizational strategy.

We believe our approach differentiates us from other organizations that provide Human Resource services because we begin by asking questions about your organization, your clients, and your strategy. We are then able to provide solutions tailored to your specific needs and which support your strategy.

Our objectives include:

  • Human Resources Consulting – Employee relations, compensation, benefits, training, and development, organizational design, performance, and compliance
  • Recruiting and Talent Acquisition – Candidate sourcing, screening, and selection assistance.
  • Temporary HR Contractors – Temporary HR consultants or contractors for when you have a need for extra staffing or expertise.

For more information, go to: oahumanresources.com


Sheehan Nagle Hartray Architects
130 East Randolph Street, Suite 3100
Chicago, Illinois 60601
Phone: (312) 810-5156
Mike Domekicon-email

Anthony LoBelloicon-email

Sheehan Nagle Hartray Architects (SNH-A) are library design experts. SNH-A’s greatest strength related to library projects is the depth of their public library design experience. Many of the libraries they have designed have been honored with design awards. Their success is the result of several interrelated qualities. They focus on the values of the communities that will use their buildings. This naturally leads to meaningful civic architecture that communities embrace. SNH-A are confident in their creativity. It takes conviction in their talent to believe they can find a way to express the values of a community through architectural design. SNH-A staff is mature and has been working together long enough that, similar to a family, they have found complementary roles that cumulatively make an unequaled design team.

For more information, go to: snh-a.com


SHP Architects
312 Plum Street, Suite 700
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202
Phone: (513) 381-2112
Fax: (513) 381-5121
Shea McMahonicon-email

SHP is a team of dynamic architects, engineers and designers simply helping people enrich their communities and engage in better human experiences. Founded in 1901, SHP is the eldest 1% of architecture firms nationwide. As they have evolved into the nationally recognized design firm that they are today, they remain true to their tradition of customer focus and leading their profession with new methods and strategies.

Libraries must be engaging and inspiring, meet the changing needs of the communities they serve and remain flexible enough to adapt to uncertain times ahead. SHP helps their clients plan confidently for the future. From master planning and strategic future-casting to levy expertise, they have a genuine passion for what they do.

For more information, visit shp.com.


200 Public Square #2955
Cleveland, OH 44114
Phone: (216) 592-6840

Established in 1890, Stifel ranks as one of the largest investment banks in the country providing public and corporate finance investment, banking services, brokerage trading and sales, to individual institutions such as public libraries, governments and corporations. Stifel’s Public Finance professionals specialize in raising capital to build and maintain essential infrastructure in the communities they serve. From some of the nation’s largest states, cities, and counties to rural school districts and small towns and nearly everything in between, our municipal banking and underwriting groups work with issuers to develop and implement financing strategies that allow them to operate and optimize the important work they do.

For more information, go to: stifel.com