Library Innovation Award

Recognizes the wide variety of expertise, creative talent, and successful initiatives incorporated in Ohio public libraries, regardless of size. OLC will promote the winning entries on a statewide and national level.

OLC member and/or Institutional member (an individual, group or team of individuals, specific library department, and/or branch, or a public library)

1) Program or initiative that breaks new ground in library service, programming, etc.; 2) Significantly benefits employees, library patrons, library operations, or the community-at-large; and 3) Program or initiative can be replicated in other Ohio libraries.

Contact Raychelle Steele, at if you need further information about the Library Innovation Award.

Nomination Checklist:
As a nominator, the success of your nominee rests largely with your ability to answer the following questions:

  1. Why are you nominating this person? [Word limit: 50]
  2. In what way does this program or initiative break new ground in library service, programming, etc.? [Word limit: 300]
  3. How does this innovation significantly benefit employees, library patrons, library operations, or the community at-large? [Word limit: 300]
  4. Can this program or initiative be replicated in other Ohio libraries? If so, what limitation may arise regarding scale? [Word limit: 300]
  5. Have any other libraries attempted this initiative? Were they successful? [Word limit: 300]

As a nominator, you will need to:

(1) Obtain 3-5 testimonials from:

  • Library board member
  • Library director
  • Immediate supervisor
  • Staff, community leaders, patrons
  • Past employees as appropriate
  • Colleagues past and present (with current employer, from former employers)
  • Coalition and/or project partners

Be prepared to upload these testimonials. PDF format preferred (max. file size: 1MB).

Learn how to create a PDF

(2) Obtain a copy of your Nominee’s resume, curriculum vitae (CV), or list of accomplishments. Copy and paste this information into the online form or upload the document. PDF format preferred (max. file size: 1MB). You can also provide a link to the Nominee’s online biography or LinkedIn profile page.

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