Hall of Fame Librarian

Recognizes a librarian for his/her career achievements.  

OLC member; MLIS; and minimum of 10 years experience in Ohio libraries

Career has demonstrated: 1) Sustained leadership; 2) Active participation in local, state, and/or national library organizations; 3) Commitment to the library profession; and 4) Contribution to the community at large.

Contact Cathleen Grossman, at c.grossman@rrpl.org, if you need further information about the Hall of Fame Librarian Award.

Nomination Checklist:
As a nominator, the success of your nominee rests largely with your ability to answer the following questions:

  1. Why are you nominating this person? [Word limit: 50]
  2. How has he/she displayed sustained leadership in the library profession? [Word limit: 300]
  3. How has he/she shown a commitment to the library profession? [Word limit: 300]
  4. How has he/she contributed to the community? [Word limit: 300]
  5. How has he/she played a role in local, state and/or national library organization? [Word limit: 300]
  6. How has the nominee gone above and beyond? [Word limit: 300]

    At library level?
    At community level?
    At state level?
    At national level?

As a nominator, you will need to:

(1) Obtain 3-5 testimonials from:

  • Colleagues, staff, co-workers
  • Library board, director and/or immediate supervisor
  • Community leaders
  • Library patrons
  • Project partners
  • Past employees as appropriate

Be prepared to upload these testimonials. PDF format preferred (max. file size: 1MB).

Learn how to create a PDF

(2) Obtain a copy of your Nominee’s resume, curriculum vitae (CV), etc. Copy and paste this information into the online form or upload the document. PDF format preferred (max. file size: 1MB). You can also provide a link to the Nominee’s online biography or LinkedIn profile page.

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