OLC Partners with Sourcing Alliance to Provide PPEs for Libraries

The OLC has been working with our partners at the Sourcing Alliance/Equalis Group to ensure that public libraries across the state have access to facial masks, hand sanitizers and disinfectants. The OLC hosted a free webinar with the Sourcing Alliance/Equalis Group on the new joint purchasing program for OLC Institutional Member Libraries. The webinar explained how to register for the program as well as how to utilize the PPE calculator tool which tells you how much PPE you’ll likely need for your library. If you were unable to participate in the live webinar, a recording is now available to view at your convenience.


OLC and Sourcing Alliance/Equalis Group Webinar Recording on Library PPE
(Note: webinar will begin at 00:15 mark)


PPE and Safety Supplies Volume Calculator for Libraries (download Excel file)
Use calculator to determine how much PPE you may need for your library. Please only enter data in the blue or green cells. The other cells may include formulas and the spreadsheet is not locked.


Member Registration
To get started, register your library with the Sourcing Alliance/Equalis Group. This service is for OLC Institutional Member Libraries only. There is no cost to register. Be sure to select “Libraries” under “Agency Type” on the form. You will also need your library’s Federal Tax ID number.

Important Notes:

After registering, send your PPE order to:

If your library fills out the PPE calculator tool, send a copy of the completed calculator to Stephanie Harris and Keith McDevitt.

Your library does not have to use the PPE calculator in order to make a purchase. The calculator helps you to determine how much PPE you may need and helps us for purposes of the PPE allocation with vendors.

Once the Sourcing Alliance/Equalis Group receives and confirms the PPE order, they will then send out the appropriate next steps to your library. Those next steps will depend on which vendor(s) the library is placing an order with. The appropriate vendor will work directly with your library to complete the order.