Webinar Submission Form

Do you have an idea for a webinar? Please submit your idea using the online form below and the Professional Development Committee will review it. Please provide as much information as you can. The more information you can provide, the more likely it may be accepted.

If you are not proposing a specific webinar, but would like to request that a topic be addressed by an OLC continuing education event, please use the Idea Box instead.

NOTE: You must complete the form in one sitting. You cannot save the form and go back.

Frequently Asked Questions about program submissions.

BEFORE you start the online form, be sure to:

  1. Choose a primary Ohio Public Library Core Competency that best matches your program’s content. If you have questions about which Core Competency to choose, please email pdc@olc.org.
  2. Indicate name and contact information for the webinar’s sponsor. A sponsor is a group or person, typically an OLC Division or Committee, that advocates for a program. It is recommended that programs be submitted with a sponsor, but it is not required at the time of submission. The Professional Development Committee will work with you to find an appropriate sponsor, if needed.

You must have this information before you start the form. You cannot save and go back.

Webinar Submission Form

  • Please indicate the primary core competency this program will address. For more information on each competency, please visit http://olc.org/resources/education/core-competencies/.
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