FAQs about Program Submissions

Q: Does my program have to have a Core Competency?

A: Yes. Details and a full list of Core Competencies may be found here: https://olc.org/resources/education/core-competencies/


Q: What if my program covers more than one Core Competency?

A: Choose the primary Core Competency that most closely matches your program’s content. If you have questions about which Core Competency best matches, please email pdc@olc.org.


Q What is a sponsor?

A: A sponsor is a group or person, typically an OLC division or committee, that advocates for a program. For more information about divisions, visit https://olc.org/about-us/divisions/. For more information about committees, visit https://olc.org/about-us/committees/.


Q: Does my program need a sponsor?

A: It is recommended that programs be submitted with a sponsor, but it is not required at the time of submission. The Professional Development Committee will work with you to find an appropriate sponsor, if needed.


Q: What are the different types of program formats?

A: OLC provides several delivery methods, whether standalone events or as part of a conference or convention.

  • Keynote: A dedicated headline presentation. Of general interest to the entire event audience.
  • Breakout Session: A one-hour program that is part of a conference or convention.
  • Un-program: A moderator-facilitated discussion among a group of participants.
  • LIBChat: (Library Interesting Briefs) A short, 10-15 minute session on a thought-provoking topic meant to introduce ideas to the group with no discussion or Q&A. Does not include audio-visual elements.
  • Poster session: A visual representation of an educational topic that is displayed at another event. May include informational handouts.
  • Panel: A minimum of 3 of speakers led by a moderator, who facilitates discussion between the members of the panel and the audience.
  • Workshop: A standalone educational event on a specific topic or to develop a specific skill.
  • Webinar: An educational event that is delivered electronically.
  • Article: A written informational piece that may be published in OLC’s newsletter or other publication.


Q: Does OLC pay for travel costs or speakers’ fees?

A: If you work in an Ohio library or for an organization that directly works with an Ohio library, you are usually not eligible for reimbursement or compensation. A speaker who is not a member of the Ohio library community may be eligible for expense reimbursement or compensation; reimbursement is to be negotiated prior to the program’s acceptance.


Q: Do program presenters have to register and pay for the event where they are speaking?

A: Every speaker must be registered for the event they attend. A speaker-appreciation rate may be available for some events. Speakers who are not members of the Ohio library community may have the registration fee waived and attend the event for free.


Q: When will I find out if my program was accepted?

A: The General Submission Form can be competed at any time. The PDC will review program submissions at their bi-monthly meetings. Once a decision is made, the PDC will contact you. At any time, submitters may contact the PDC for status updates.


If you have questions, contact the OLC office at (614) 410-8092.

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