OLC 2024 Planning & Leadership Kickoff Event (Invitation Only)

November 16, 2023 @ 10:00 am – 11:30 am
Ohio Library Council via Zoom

This event is by invitation only.

Invitations have been sent via email to all current and incoming Committee and Division Action Council members. Please check your inbox.

Volunteer leaders are essential to OLC’s success. The work accomplished this fall will help guide the organization through 2024 and prepare us to address the challenges ahead. This is an opportunity to meet together, determine goals for OLC Committees and Divisions and plan for 2024.

While outgoing Committee and Division Action Council members will be finishing their terms, we encourage them to attend this event to share their experience and practical insight with those about to take office.

Registration for Kickoff Event
Registration is required to participate in the live Kickoff event; but there is no charge to attend. Please follow the instructions on your invitation to register.

Register at my OLC

NOTE: When registering, please remember to click “Finalize This Transaction” instead of “Pay Now” as there is no cost to participate.

Follow-Up Committee and Division Meetings
Following the Kickoff event, OLC leaders are asked to meet virtually as a Committee or Division Action Council sometime between Nov. 17—Dec. 21, 2023.