Library Professionals Earn or Renew Certifications

Congratulations to the following individuals who have recently earned or renewed their Certified Public Librarian (CPL) or Certified Public Library Staff (CPLS) designation:

Sarah Amazing, CPL
Andrea Bartow, CPLS
Molly Benson, CPL
Michelle Bohland, CPLS
Pam Cole, CPL
Grace Connolly, CPLS
Kim DeNero-Ackroyd, CPL
Victoria Eby, CPLS
Aaron Fisher, CPL
Sheryl Goble, CPLS
Andrea Green, CPLS
Vicki Hillman, CPLS
Sarah Hintz, CPL
Allison Howell, CPL
Elaine Kendra, CPLS
Patricia Kline, CPLS
Amy Kline, CPLS
Kathryn Knotts, CPL
Jon Keppel, CPL
Shelly Krystofik, CPLS
Jacqueline Layer, CPLS
Valerie Laukhuf, CPLS
Stephanie McConachie, CPLS
Thomas Moosbrugger, CPL
April Orsborne, CPLS
Christine Paradis, CPLS
Meghan Peiffer, CPLS
Christina Pergram, CPLS
Kylie Powers, CPLS
Lucas Rhonemus, CPLS
Kassandra Rice, CPLS
Laura Riley, CPLS
Barbara Ann Scott, CPL
Valerie Sherman, CPL
Wesley Strobel, CPLS
Mialie Szymanski, CPLS
Elizabeth Tait, CPL
Laura Temming, CPLS
Amy Tippett, CPLS
Kimberly Villasenor, CPLS
Leigh Ann White, CPLS
Alexandrea Wolfe, CPLS
Jennifer  Young, CPLS

Certification holders are encouraged to wear their new lapel pins and use CPL or CPLS after their signatures and on business cards. It’s a great way to show your commitment to the public library community.

Learn more about certification.