ODT Issues Updated Estimates for the CY23 PLF Distribution

The Ohio Department of Taxation (ODT) recently posted the December update to the Calendar Year 2023 (CY23) Public Library Fund (PLF) Certification. A spreadsheet of the monthly estimates for each county and estimated entitlements for each county are available at olc.org/funding.

Please read your county estimated entitlement carefully. As a reminder, for State Fiscal Year 2023, the Public Library Fund (PLF) receives 1.7% of the revenue from all state General Revenue Fund (GRF) tax sources. Unless something is changed in the next state budget bill, the percentage will automatically revert to 1.66% on July 1. Therefore, the estimated entitlement reflects 1.7% from January-June 2023, and 1.66% from July-December 2023. This is another example of why our advocacy efforts during the state budget are so important.

As you will see, ODT has lowered their overall statewide PLF Estimate by more than $27 million. Their original estimate for CY23 that was issued in July was for $520,759,584. The updated CY23 estimate issued last week is for $493,514,719.

According to ODT, the estimates reflect the current best projection of state tax revenues during CY23. As required by state statute, in June 2023, ODT will issue a final updated entitlement estimate for CY23.

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