Ohioans Approve 93% of Public Library Levy Issues

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Ohioans continued to show their support of public libraries at the polls on Tuesday.

On Nov. 5, voters approved 28 of 30 public library issues on local ballots around Ohio. The successful library ballot issues included two new levies, 22 renewals, two replacements, one renewal with an increase, and one replacement with an increase. The average voter approval rating was 72 percent.


“It’s great to see voters from all over Ohio express their support for public libraries at the polls,” said Michelle Francis, Executive Director, Ohio Library Council. “Yesterday’s election results make it very clear that Ohioans value their libraries and are willing to provide them with the financial resources necessary to serve their communities.”


The two levies that did not pass were Ashtabula County District Public Library and Louisville Public Library in Stark County by narrow margins.


“Those two losses were extremely close and each was decided by about 100 votes which is further evidence that every vote counts and is critically important,” Francis said. “Ohio has the highest library use per capita in the nation. Our libraries strive to provide essential programs and services to their communities and are good stewards of taxpayer dollars.”

Library Ballot Results- Nov. 2019 (PDF)