CY 2023 PLF Cash Flow Estimates Updated by OLC

With the help of OLC’s consultant Dr. Howard Fleeter, the OLC has updated the county-by-county Public Library Fund (PLF) estimates for the remainder of Calendar Year (CY) 2023.

Download file (Excel)

This file takes the Ohio Department of Taxation’s June 2023 spreadsheet and does the following:

  1. Updates CY23 County-by-County estimated PLF amounts for October, November and December.
  2. Yellow highlighted (Column Q): this is ODT’s June 28 estimated totals.
  3. Green highlighted (Column R): this is ODT’s June 28 estimated totals updated for the July-Sept. actual PLF distributions.
  4. Blue highlighted (Column S): this is Dr. Fleeter’s totals updated for the July-Sept. actual PLF distributions plus his Oct-Dec estimates based on the OBM monthly GRF tax revenue estimates for Sept.-Nov.

The Tax Department’s estimate for CY23 was $505.5 million. The July and August actuals add $5.2 million to the Tax Department’s CY21 estimate. With the updated revenue estimates from OBM and calculating the PLF at 1.7% for the remainder of the year, Dr. Fleeter estimates the PLF to end CY23 at $507.95 million.

It is important to note that Dr. Fleeter completed these estimates just prior to ODT releasing the October 2023 PLF Distribution.