Special Collections Division

Action Council | Goal and Objectives

The Special Collections Division promotes and develops Ohio’s special collection services, focusing on document, manuscript, photograph, and oral history collections related to local history, genealogy, and unique subjects. Have questions? Contact us at sscd@olc.org.

Action Council

Adam Wanter, Coordinator (2022)
MidPointe Library System
Work: 513-705-8512

Randolph Bergdorf, Secretary (2023)
Peninsula Library
Work: 330-657-2665

Justin Crawfis, Past Coordinator (2022)
Findlay-Hancock County Public Library
Work: 419-422-1712 246

Martha Ballinger (2023)
Dayton Metro Library

Ronald Davidson (2023)
Sandusky Library
Work: 419-625-3834

Marianne Kane (2022)
Greene County Public Library
Work: 937-736-7255

Olivia Wood (2023)
The Ohio State University
Work: 614-247-8644

Board Liaison: Cheryl Kuonen
PDC Liaison: Jennifer Buch

Goals and Objectives

  • Produce and conduct a survey of Division membership.
  • Examine the scope and definition of the Division.
  • Document Division policy, procedures, and responsibilities.
  • Organize and manage Division archival material.
  • Support and create programs for 2022 Convention and Expo.
  • Support and create programs for OLC Conferences.

Annual Report (PDF)

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