Small Libraries Division

Action Council | Goals and Objectives

The Small Libraries Division represents the interests of small libraries in Ohio, and provides a forum for administrators, staff members, and trustees to discuss issues of particular concern to small libraries.

Action Council

Amee Sword, Coordinator (2023)
Wornstaff Memorial Public Library
Work: 740-747-2085

Shannon Featheringill, Assistant Coordinator (2023)
Seneca East Public Library
Work: (419) 426-3825

Brenda Miller, Secretary (2023)
New Madison Public Library
Work: 937-996-1741


Tara Sidwell, Past Coordinator (2023)
Kate Love Simpson-Morgan County Library
Work: 740-962-2533


Stephanie Buchanan (2024)
Bucyrus Public Library
Work: 419-562-7327 102


Brock Hutchison (2023)
Louisville Public Library
Work: 330-875-1696


David Keefer (2024)
Cardington-Lincoln Public Library
Work: 419-864-8181


Mary Lakes (2023)
Brown Memorial Library
Work: 937-962-2377 201


Board Liaison: Melissa Marolt
PDC Liaison: Luke Bentley
Staff Liaison: Michelle Francis


Goals and Objectives

  1. Explore more effective ways to inform and support small libraries throughout the state.
  2. Action Council will meet quarterly or as needed.
  3. Provide current information to introduce Small Libraries Division at New Directors Workshop.
  4. Schedule quarterly (virtual) Small Library Director forum/meetings.
  5. Promote the (virtual) Director Forums to attract more small library attendees. Plan a specialized discussion topic at each forum.
  6. Offer programs on topics of interest to small libraries at the 2023 Convention and Expo and stand-alone conferences.
  7. Submit a proposal for a small libraries Director Round Table.
  8. Continue collaboration with other OLC Divisions and Committees to gear program topics toward small libraries.
  9. Discuss and potentially redefine the definition of small library.
  10. Create a site map identifying all small libraries within Ohio.

Annual Report (PDF)