Core Competencies

Ohio Public Library Core Competencies

The Ohio Public Library Core Competencies were initially developed in response to a direct recommendation from the Ohio Library Council’s Futures Initiative. Research and compilation was completed by members of OLC’s Professional Development Committee (PDC).

The Core Competencies are useful in creating job descriptions, hiring and evaluating staff, and selecting training opportunities that help staff develop or enhance specific skills and behaviors. The PDC recommends that public libraries review these competencies carefully and adapt them to their individual needs and staff complement.

Complete Core Competencies
Excel Spreadsheet w/ competencies tabs | PDF (43 pages) | Abbreviations


Core Competency Abbreviations
All OLC training sessions cite the primary competency addressed by the program. Use this information to select sessions that will develop or enhance specific skills. The abbreviations for the competencies are listed below:

ACQ: Acquisition

ADP: Adaptability

BCU: Basic Computer Use /Hardware Knowledge

CMD: Cataloging and Metadata

CLB: Collaboration

CLM: Collection Management

COM: Communication

CMA: Community Awareness

CNG: Contracts and Negotiation

CTS: Customer Service

DEL: Delegation

EMP: Emergency Preparedness

EQT: Equipment Troubleshooting

ETH: Ethics

FAC: Facilitation

FCS: Facilities

FIS: Fiscal Operations

FUN: Fundraising

HCM: Human Capital Management

INF: Intellectual Freedom

LAW: Laws

LDS: Leadership

LBA: Library Advocacy

LWC: Library Website and Catalog Basics

MAR: Marketing

OGA: Organizational Awareness

OGS: Organizational Skills

PAW: Patron Awareness

PIN: Patron Instruction

POL: Policies and Procedures

PRS: Problem Solving

PRC: Processing

PRG: Programming

PRM: Project Management

RAD: Reader’s Advisory

RMG: Records Management

REF: Reference

STR: Staff Training

STP: Strategic Planning

TWK: Teamwork

TIS: Technology Infrastructure Support