Convention and Expo

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Convention and Expo
October 28-30, 2020

Greater Columbus Convention Center
Columbus, OH

Developing Greatness – it’s what public libraries do.

Each of us seek to grow professionally through life-long learning and professional development. Managers and administrators develop their staff by providing opportunities to learn new skills and strengthen core competencies. Co-workers collaborate and support one another. We cultivate relationships with colleagues across the state. This networking exposes us to new ideas, rejuvenates us, and inspires us to implement those new ideas in our own libraries. Most importantly, we develop greatness in the people we serve – our patrons and our communities. We provide services, programs, and resources that help people improve their lives, advance their careers, and expand their knowledge. We enrich lives by exposing people to information, ideas, and opportunities. Libraries bring people together as we foster partnerships and connect people and organizations. The 2020 Convention and Expo will focus on the ways in which public libraries develop greatness in ourselves and our communities.

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