Archived Version of the Advocacy for Public Libraries Webinar Now Available

The 132nd Ohio General Assembly is in session and, with 22 newly-elected House members, seven new Senate members, plus several veteran legislators returning to Capitol Square, it is imperative that public library leaders learn more about the new legislature and the new leadership at the Statehouse.

The OLC hosted a free webinar this afternoon to prepare library leaders to work with members of the new General Assembly. Michelle Francis, OLC Director of Government and Legal Services, discussed effective advocacy tools and techniques and covered the latest information from the Statehouse.

In a few days, Gov. Kasich will be introducing his two-year biennial state budget proposal. This will be an extremely important time as the OLC and its member libraries continue their advocacy efforts to protect state funding for public libraries through the Public Library Fund (PLF). If you missed today’s webinar, a recording is available.

View an archived version of this webinar.

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