Customer Service & Support Staff Division

Action Council | Goals and Objectives

The Customer Service and Support Staff Division provides an exchange of ideas for library staff interests, offering educational and networking opportunities for circulation services, information services, technical services, acquisitions, marketing, pages/shelvers, and management. While circulation and technical services procedures may differ greatly between libraries, being proficient in internal and external customer service is universal and essential. course recommendations


Action Council

Amee Sword, Coordinator (2019)
Wornstaff Memorial Public Library
Work: 740-747-2085

Todd Ginther, Assistant Coordinator (2019)
Chillicothe & Ross County Public Library
Work: 740-702-4151

Erin Mallow-Lyons, Secretary (2019)
Chillicothe & Ross County Public Library
Work: 740-702-4145

Cindi Bardash, Past Coordinator (2019)
Delaware County District Library
Work: 740-363-7277

Sheryl Goble (2020)
Greene County Public Library
Work: 937-736-7253

Kathleen Munger (2019)
Work: 419-352-2903

Denise Southworth (2020)
Southwest Public Libraries
Work: 614-878-1301 x219

Board Liaison: Jennifer Slone
PDC Liaisons: Kellen Freeman, Jessica Winegarner


Goals and Objectives

  • Identify specific customer service training needs of library staff.
  • Partner with other OLC Divisions on customer service issues.
  • Create quarterly e-mail blasts with customer service tips, quotes and stories. course recommendations

Ohio library cardholders are taking advantage of the free training available on, but this online educational service is not just for patrons. The Customer Service and Support Staff Division is curating a special list of courses that can help boost your skills and enhance your career. While the videos are not library-specific, they do contain beneficial customer service and support information that can help you with your job.


Please note: courses are approved for up to 6 hours of credit under Category C for re-certification. Certified Public Librarians (CPL) and Certified Public Library Staff (CPLS) will earn a maximum of 6 hours of credit for each course taken, regardless of the number of hours required to complete the course. More information about Certification can be found on the OLC website.