Reference and Information Services Division

Action Council | Goal and Objectives | Mission Statement

The purpose of the Reference and Information Services Division (RISD) is to facilitate the discussion and dissemination of reference service issues and concerns. RISD develops continuing education and training opportunities for Ohio’s librarians and support staff to better assist all of Ohio’s library patrons in the effective use of online and reference services.

Ohio Reference Excellence (ORE) Online
Six self-paced training modules that cover many aspects of the reference process.

Action Council

Morgan Crumbacher, Coordinator (2022)
Greene County Public Library
Work: 937-912-3673

Sara Martindale, Assistant Coordinator (2022)
Greene County Public Library
Work: 937-269-0377

Caitlan Trick, Secretary (2022)
Greene County Public Library
Work: 937-352-4001

Carla Schober, Past Coordinator (2022)

Katy Farrell (2022)
Geauga County Public Library
440-543-5611 2582

Krista Lackey (2023)
Greene County Public Library
Work: 937-912-3662

Laura Ploenzke (2023)
Avon Lake Public Library
Work: 440-933-8127

Lauren Woods (2022)
Greene County Public Library
Work: 937-912-3653

Board Liaison:  Cheryl Kuonen
PDC Liaison: Shelly Guerrero

Goals and Objectives

  • Review ORE.
  • Have an appropriate number of nominations.
  • Submit 4 programs for the Adult Services and Reference Conference.
  • Submit 2 programs each for the management and EDI conferences.
  • Submit 4 programs and 2 posters for Convention and Expo.
  • Create a draft of a multi-choice test for ORE.

Annual Report (PDF)

Mission Statement

The Reference and Information Services Division (RISD) of the Ohio Library Council (OLC) endorses and seeks to conform to the ethical and behavioral standards and guidelines for Reference set forth by the American Library Association and the Reference and User Services Association. [see:;]

The purpose of RISD is rooted in those principles and guidelines:  to support practitioners of Reference and Informational Services—particularly within the state of Ohio—in continually developing the knowledge and skills to serve the public interest. RISD serves that interest by providing:

  • equal access for the members of the public to authoritative information—knowledge—be it in print, online, or in any other medium
  • considerate, conscientious, and competent public service
  • information literacy, including skills in reasoning and critical thinking
  • an unwavering commitment to intellectual freedom, privacy and confidentiality.

These core purposes guide RISD as Reference Services evolve in changing contexts.

RISD addresses these purposes in two ways: 

First, it facilitates the discussion, dissemination and advocacy of reference issues, challenges, and concerns both among members and within the wider library community.

Second, RISD develops and presents training and educational programs and activities via whatever media or venues members and OLC deem appropriate, including webinars, online tutorials, the RISD blog, and workshops. Also in the interest of continuing education for practitioners of reference, RISD is committed to maintaining an active presence at the OLC Convention and Expo.

While the focus of RISD is on Reference Services, RISD recognizes the relevance of associated matters such as Readers’ Advisory, Programming, and other issues, and therefore it may extend its efforts into those domains, as well.  For this reason, collaboration with other Divisions or Committees of the OLC is embraced whenever appropriate.

In all its activities RISD and its Action Council solicits and attends to the thoughts and interests of its members.