Ohioans Approve 100% of Public Library Levies

photo of I voted sticker

Ohioans continue to express their support for libraries at the polls. ALL of the public library levies on local ballots around Ohio passed on May 3, 2022.

On May 3, voters approved all of the public library levies on local ballots around Ohio. The successful library ballot issues included three renewals, two renewals with an increase, and one replacement. The levies passed by significant margins with the average voter approval rate of 71 percent.

“Ohioans continue to express their support for public libraries at the polls,” said Michelle Francis, Executive Director, Ohio Library Council. “Our libraries stepped forward in incredible ways during the pandemic and they are playing an important role as our state recovers. From helping students catch up from learning loss to assisting job seekers with technology training, libraries continue to innovate and meet the needs of their communities.”

The revenue from these local property tax levies will provide financial support for libraries’ programs and services and complement the funding public libraries receive from the state.

“Yesterday’s election results make it clear that Ohioans value their libraries and see them as good stewards of their tax dollars,” Francis said.

Library Ballot Issues – May 2022