ODT Posts January 2022 PLF Distribution

The Ohio Department of Taxation (ODT) has posted the January 2022 Public Library Fund (PLF) distribution of $39,842,307 – which is $4.18 million (+ 11.74%) above ODT’s original estimate that was issued in July 2021; and $4 million (+ 11.20%) more than ODT’s updated estimate issued in December 2021.

State revenues continue their trend of exceeding projections. According to the Office of Budget and Management (OBM), overall state tax receipts for the month of December came in almost $243.6 million (or + 11.9%) above estimates. So far, State Fiscal Year 2022 tax collections are up $580.3 million (+ 4.6%) above estimates. OBM Director Kim Murnieks has indicated the state income tax growth is a reflection of wage increases and increased employment.

A look at the PLF distribution for the past three years and a link to an Excel spreadsheet listing each county’s distribution total for January 2022 can be found on the OLC website.