Registration Now Open for Virtual Fiscal Officer Workshop

The OLC will host a half-day, online workshop on Fri., Sept. 10 for new fiscal officers, deputy fiscal officers, and library directors who want to learn more about the roles and responsibilities of fiscal officers in a public library setting. The program will also serve as a valuable refresher for more seasoned fiscal officers and directors. Topics will include:

  • OPERS definition of earnable salary
  • How to properly handle a retire/rehire
  • How to navigate OPERS employer contribution system
  • How state revenues impact Public Library Fund (PLF) distributions
  • Legislative issues that impact public libraries
  • Fund Accounting
  • GASB 54
  • Different audit options for different entities
  • How your library’s working budget and budgetary statements should be prepared
  • Ohio Compliance Supplement matrix (know what the auditor is going to ask you and what records the auditor is going to request)

The registration fee for this virtual program is $30 for members ($60 for non-members). More information is available on the OLC website.