Archived Version of Afternoon Chat with Nancy Pearl Webinar Now Available

Afternoon Chat with Nancy Pearl

Nancy Pearl photo

In her first-ever webinar with OLC, Nancy Pearl talked about her new book with Jeff Schwager on the authors we love and the books that changed their lives.

The OLC hosted a live webinar with renowned librarian, literary critic, book advocate, and ardent lifelong reader Nancy Pearl about her new book, The Writer’s Library: The Authors You Love on the Books That Changed Their Lives. Nancy talked with Adult Services Division Coordinator Sarah Osinsky about the books that made these authors think, brought them joy, and changed their lives. She’ll also discussed the books she’s reading (and listening to!) right now and what it’s like to be the inspiration for the “shushing” librarian action figure.


  • Nancy Pearl, librarian, literary critic, and author
  • Sarah Osinsky, Collection Development Librarian, Geauga County Public Library and Coordinator of OLC’s Adult Services Division.
View an archived version of this webinar.
[Run time:  1 hour 4 minutes]