Trustee/Board of Trustees Award of Achievement

Recognizes an individual library board member or entire board of trustees that demonstrates distinguished service and innovative leadership within the community or across Ohio.

OLC Member or Institutional Member; for individuals, current or past participation on library board.

Individual or board has demonstrated: 1) Active and innovative leadership; and 2) Sustained commitment to service at the local or state level.

Contact Michelle Elliott, at, if you need further information about the Trustee/Board of Trustees Award of Achievement.

Nomination Checklist:
As a nominator, the success of your nominee rests largely with your ability to answer the following questions:

  1. Why are you nominating this person or group? [Word limit: 50]
  2. How has the trustee or board demonstrated active and innovative leadership? [Word limit: 300]
  3. How has the person or group supported the mission, vision or core values of the library? [Word limit: 300]
  4. Share examples of the nominee’s service at the local or state level. [Word limit: 300]

As a nominator, you will need to:

(1) Obtain 3-5 testimonials from:

  • Library board member
  • Library director and/or immediate supervisor
  • Library staff
  • Community leaders
  • Patrons
  • Past employees as appropriate
  • Colleagues past and present
  • Coalition and/or project partners

Be prepared to upload these testimonials. PDF format preferred (max. file size: 1MB).

Learn how to create a PDF

(2) Share your Board’s or Trustee’s list of accomplishments or Trustee’s resume, CV, etc. Copy and paste this information into the online form or upload a document. PDF format preferred (max. file size: 1MB). You can also provide a link to the Nominee’s website or links to articles, news releases, and other supporting documents that demonstrate the nominee’s impact on the library, its programs and/or projects.

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