John Philip Outreach and Community Engagement Award

Recognizes exceptional achievement in library outreach and community engagement.

John Philip was a consultant with the State Library of Ohio. During his tenure, Philip often marveled at the determined efforts of library employees to bring the benefits of libraries to isolated and underserved populations. Upon his retirement, this Outreach Award was established and named in his honor. Learn more about John Philip.

Library staff, department, Friend, volunteer, member of the community or library organization.

Works to support the community and develop partnerships to connect to the public, working to extend the reach beyond the physical library; 2) Displays exceptional achievement in library outreach and/or community engagement endeavors; 3) Demonstrates true dedication to the philosophy of bringing library programs and services to the underserved.

Contact Amy Abernathy, at, if you need further information about this award.

Nomination Checklist:
As a nominator, the success of your nominee rests largely with your ability to answer the following questions:

  1. Why are you nominating this person or group? [Word limit: 50]
  2. How has the nominee demonstrated exceptional achievement in library outreach and/or community engagement? [Word limit: 300]
  3. How has the nominee shown true dedication to the philosophy of outreach and/or community engagement? [Word limit: 300]
  4. What has been the impact on the underserved and/or the nominee’s community-at large? [Word limit: 300]

In addition, the Committee looks for focus on underserved populations in the community. Please consider:

  • What was done to reach these groups?
  • What was new and innovative?
  • Did the program/service work? Was it measurable?
  • Did the library partner with other agencies or institutions?
  • If grant supported, did the project continue beyond the funding period?

As a nominator, you will need to:

(1) Obtain 3-5 testimonials from:

  • Library board
  • Library director and/or immediate supervisor
  • Library staff
  • Community leaders
  • Patrons (Testimonials should explain the program’s impact on their lives)
  • Past employees as appropriate
  • Colleagues past and present
  • Coalition and/or project partners (testimonials should highlight direction and leadership provided by the nominee)

Be prepared to upload these testimonials. PDF format preferred (max. file size: 1MB).

Learn how to create a PDF

(2) Obtain a copy of your Nominee’s resume, curriculum vitae (CV), etc. Copy and paste this information into the online form or upload the document. PDF format preferred (max. file size: 1MB). You can also provide a link to the Nominee’s website or links to articles, news releases, and other supporting documents that demonstrate the nominee’s impact on the library and its outreach services.

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