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Ohio Public Library Core Competencies

The Ohio Public Library Core Competencies were initially developed in response to a direct recommendation from the Ohio Library Council's Futures Initiative. Research and compilation was completed by members of OLC's Library Education Committee (LEC).

The OLC's LEC completed a yearlong intense review of the Ohio Public Library Core Competencies in 2014. As part of the process, the LEC researched core competencies from American Library Association, Webjunction, and other sources. Additionally, OLC Divisions and Committees reviewed the competencies and made recommendations to the LEC. Feedback received from the OLC Board, Certified Librarians and Library Staff, and general OLC membership was carefully considered by the LEC.

The LEC believes the Core Competencies will be useful in creating job descriptions, hiring and evaluating staff, and selecting training opportunities that help staff develop or enhance specific skills and behaviors.

The LEC recommends that public libraries review these competencies carefully and adapt them to their individual needs and staff complement.

Complete Core Competencies*
Spreadsheet w/ tabsCore Competencies| PDF pdf (43 pps.) | Abbreviations pdf


*Revised 11/2014

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