Technical Services Retreat Program Descriptions

Wed., March 28 | Opening Keynote (11:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.)

Librarian as Field Archivist in Africatown: A Grassroots Experiment
Eboni Johnson, Outreach & Programming Librarian, Oberlin College Library, Mudd Center

Eboni Johnson

Eboni Johnson will talk about her recent experience wearing different hats as both a librarian and “field archivist” on an NSF-funded research project in the Africatown area of Mobile, Alabama. Africatown is an area of national significance as the landing site of the last ship known to bring enslaved Africans to the county. Currently its residents are facing – and fighting – climate change and environmental justice challenges that threaten its existence. A team of students and faculty from Oberlin College are researching connections between African-American and Indigenous communities around these important issues. Johnson will discuss her growing role in this effort, which includes designing archival systems that empower the community to document and preserve records and photographs that are crucial to helping Africatown tell its own story.

Ohio Public Library Core Competency: Ethics

Wed., March 28 | 1:15 – 2:30 p.m.

Project Management (Unprogram*)
Moderators: Denise Weaver, Product Analyst and Data Ingest, OCLC and Misty Alvaro, Cataloger Librarian, Upper Arlington Public Library

Whether you feel you are completely new at project management or you already have some tried and true project management resources and experiences to share, come join us in an open discussion about project management.

*This session requires audience participation, so please come with an open mind and be prepared to share experiences and ask questions.

Ohio Public Library Core Competency: Organizational Skills

Ethics & Technical Services: A Panel Discussion
Faye Leibowitz, General Languages Catalog Librarian, University of Pittsburgh, University Library System; Abigail Gulya, Metadata Librarian, University of Pittsburgh, University Library System; and Pam Matthews, Collection Manager, Cleveland Public Library

Public services often faces high-profile ethical controversies, but there are many ethical issues worthy of attention in Technical Services as well. How do the decisions we make in collection development, acquisitions, and cataloging impact users? The speakers will lead a discussion on the ethical dilemmas and choices faced in Technical Services.

Ohio Public Library Core Competency: Ethics

The Care and Feeding of Local Heritage Collections
Karen Perone, Head of Technology and Technical Services, Rodman Public Library; Mary Plazo, Special Collections Division Manager, Akron-Summit County Public Library

From yearbooks to scrapbooks, to newsletters, diaries, family histories and more, collections that reflect local history are a valuable resource in any library. This session will cover the collection development and curation of these rare and unique resources. Topics will include acquiring materials, decisions in storage and preservation, and making your collection accessible to patrons both in house and online.

Ohio Public Library Core Competency: Collection Management

Wed., March 28 | 3:00 – 4:15 p.m.

Eclectic Collections or How Do I Circulate That Cool Non-Print Collection
Adam Marier, Librarian, Way Public Library; Lisa Green, Manager, Oregon Branch, Toledo-Lucas County Public Library; Julie Bursten, Manager, King Road Branch, Toledo-Lucas County Public Library

Have you ever wanted to circulate an eclectic collection? Something other that books or AV materials? Join us as we discuss how we process, catalog and circulate collections that include power tools, over-sized board games, GoPros, telescopes and more! Bring your expertise if you have a cool collections at your library, or just learn how we keep all of those pieces and parts patron-friendly.

Ohio Public Library Core Competency: Processing

Ohio Digital Network: The Progress and Process of Building a Service Hub for DPLA
Penelope Shumaker, Metadata Librarian, State Library of Ohio

The Ohio Digital Network (ODN) located at the State Library of Ohio is now a service hub for the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA). DPLA provides access to culture heritage objects across the country in one central portal at through metadata records. All records in DPLA link back to the digital object at the original institution. Metadata records of digitized objects from institutions across the state such as The Ohio state University, Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County, the Ohio History Connection, and many more will soon be found in DPLA. These records will increase interest and access to Ohio’s many cultural heritage institutions. This session will provide updates and lessons learned about the ingest process into DPLA, the Metadata Application Profile (MAP), and what steps your institution can take to be in DPLA through the Ohio Digital Network.

Ohio Public Library Core Competency: Cataloging and Metadata

The Acquisitions Module: Your ILS wants to Be a Helper
Molly Ernst, Collection Resources Administrator, Mansfield/Richland County Public Library; Alicia Naab, Acquisitions Coordinator, Cleveland Public Library

ILS Acquisitions Modules are intended to streamline library operations. Selection, acquisition, cataloging, invoicing and budgeting can all be managed seamlessly. Acquisitions Modules also require collaboration between Technical Services, Finance and Technology departments, as well as vendors and the ILS company itself. The process is often not intuitive and can seem intimidating. Any project of that complexity has its challenges, as well as its triumphs, though once the process is learned, it becomes second nature. Hear from staff who have steered the implementation and troubleshooting of Acquisitions Modules, and learn tips and best practices that have helped them make sense of it all.

Ohio Public Library Core Competency: Acquisition


Thurs., March 29 | 9:00 – 10:15 a.m.

Use ’em If You Got ’em — and You Do Got ’em: Leveraging Vendor Expertise to Benefit Your Library
Amy Hartman, Collection Development Librarian, Toledo-Lucas County Public Library; Anne Kennedy, Library Consultant, State Library of Ohio; Pam Matthews, Collections Manager, Cleveland Public Library

You’ve heard of vendors being “partners” with libraries. Perhaps you’ve been skeptical of how this could actually happen. Come hear how three different libraries use four different vendors (book, e-resource, and media) to benefit their libraries and their patrons.

Ohio Public Library Core Competency: Acquisition

Technical Services — Public Services in Disguise: A Panel Discussion
Panel from Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County: David Siders, Manager, Popular Library; Michael Christian-Budd, Cataloging Team Lead, Cataloging and Process Dept.; Charles Gabel, Senior Library Services Assistant, Popular Library; Stephanie Cooper, Materials Selection Librarian; Ann Wuertemberger, Catalog Librarian

Two services: one seen, one unseen … How can they unite to provide customer service as the world has never known? A panel of managers, librarians, and assistants shares insights and experiences on maintaining a productive relationship between public and technical services. The panael will discuss interdepartmental communication and how to purchase, catalog, and process materials with a customer first approach. What works and what doesn’t? They will also share ideas and success stories, emphasizing relationship building, problem solving, and how to make innovative services a success.

Ohio Public Library Core Competency: Customer Service

Keeping It Weird: Cataloging Unusual Objects for Library Collections
Misty Alvaro, Cataloger Librarian, Upper Arlington Public Library

Libraries maintain collections of cake pans, bicycles, garden tools, musical instruments, equipment… you name it, somebody circulates it. This practical cataloging session will break down the areas of catalog records dedicated to content, usage, and physical description of all of your weirdest objects. See examples of effective descriptions and learn how to fearlessly catalog whatever comes your way.

Ohio Public Library Core Competency: Cataloging and Metadata

Thurs., March 29 | 10:45 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

The Ohio Memory Project: A Panel Discussion of Successful Partnerships
Jillian Ramage, Manager Digital Services, Ohio History Connection; Lily Birkhimer, Digital Projects Coordinator, Ohio History Connection; Shannon Kupfer, Digital Initiatives Librarian, State Library of Ohio; Jo Anne Schiefer, Technical Services Manager, Tiffin-Seneca Public Library; moderated by Misty Alvaro, Upper Arlington Public Library

Ohio Memory is a statewide collaborative digital library, managed by the Ohio History Connection and the State Library of Ohio. This freely-available collection includes materials from more than 360 cultural heritage institutions representing all of Ohio’s 88 counties. Ohio Memory’s mission is to help communities share, discover, and connect to Ohio’s rich past through dynamic online resources. This panel will discuss successful strategies for project management and collaboration from the perspectives of the State Library of Ohio, the Ohio History Connection, and Tiffin-Seneca Public Library (one of many community partners contributing to the project).

Ohio Public Library Core Competency: Teamwork

Authority Work from the Inside Out: Records and Funnels and Loads, Oh My!
Roman Panchyshyn, Catalog Librarian, Kent State University Libraries; Shana Novak, Catalog Librarian, Dayton Metro Library; Amey L. Park, Database Maintenance Librarian, Associate Professor, Kent State University Libraries

Authority control is vital to providing access to library resources. Hear how libraries are managing this challenging but important work, both internally and cooperatively with other libraries and vendors. Roman Panchyshyn will explain the Name Authority Cooperative (NACO) and his work coordinating the NACO Ohio funnel. Shana Novak will discuss the value of authority work in public libraries and her library’s experiences contributing to a funnel project. Amey Park will discuss working with an authority vendor.

Ohio Public Library Core Competency: Cataloging and Metadata

Generational Learning Styles 101
Jessica Curtis, Adult Services Librarian, Westerville Public Library

Millennials, Gen X, Baby Boomers; these are some of the terms used to describe an individual based on when they were born. These terms can bring to mind both good and bad terms and personal attributes that may automatically influence the way we interact with family, friends, patrons, and co-workers. This session will discuss some of the common age-based stereotypes and the damage that they can do in the workplace. Different ways to (and not to) think about common situations and issues will be presented so as to break down and prevent underlying, potentially unrealized, prejudices that might exist at your library.

Ohio Public Library Core Competency: Communication


Thurs., March 29 | Closing Keynote (1:30 p.m.-2:45 p.m.)

Terry Reese

Making the Choice to Be Relevant: Open Systems, Open Communications
Terry Reese, Head of Digital Initiatives, The Ohio State University Libraries

Libraries have a strong tradition of advocating for open systems and open data, but have an equally poor record of promoting open data and systems within their own organizations. This session will look at the consequences of this complacency and think about how we move forward as a community.

Ohio Public Library Core Competency: Intellectual Freedom