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2018 Leadership Conference | November 7, 2018 | Crowne Plaza North | Columbus, Ohio


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2018 Agenda  (to come)

2018 Resources (to come)

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Pre-Leadership Conference Webcast from 2017


Annual Report Form for Divisions and Committees (Word Doc)

Board Liaisons (PDF)

Professional Development Committee (PDC) Liaisons (PDF)

Code of Regulations (PDF)

Intellectual Freedom Policy (PDF)

Letterhead | Doc  or    PDF

Minutes Form | Doc   or   PDF

2018 Board of Directors

OLC Staff (PDF)

Organizational Structure (PDF)

OLC Organizational Chart (PDF)

OLC Strategic Plan Overview (PDF)


Budget Guidelines (PDF)

Budget Worksheet (Divisions, Committees) | Doc   or   PDF

Expense Reimbursement Form | Doc  or  PDF


Printed and Digital Communications Methods (PDF)

Meetings: Planning and Reporting Back

Planning A Meeting or Conference Call (PDF)

Expense Reimbursement Form | Doc   or   PDF

Minutes Form | Doc   or  PDF


Nominations Chair Form | Doc   or  PDF

Nominations Timeline (PDF)

Division Structure (PDF)

Program Planning

Webinar Submission Form |  Doc  or  PDF

Idea Program Submission Form (PDF)

2018 Adult Conference Submission Form (PDF)

2018 Management Conference Submission Form (PDF)

2018 Convention Program Submission Forms: