Level Up Session Descriptions

9:30 – 10:30 a.m. |  Breakout Sessions

Please Advise: Low Commitment High Impact Strategies for Fiction Readers’ Advisory
Presenter: Jen Downing, Upper Arlington Public Library

Readers’ Advisory is an important component of library service, yet finding the time to stay current and well-read can be challenging. This program will provide resources and strategies to get staff excited about reading and recommending fiction.

Ohio Public Library Core Competencies Addressed: Readers’ Advisory, Customer Service


Reference Interviewing for Beginners

Presenter: Dani Hollar, Lima Public Library

New to the reference desk? This program is a beginner’s guide to the Reference Interview. We’ll briefly review RUSA’s guidelines for a Reference Interview then break into small groups to practice those steps or discuss particular challenges with your colleagues.

Ohio Public Library Core Competencies Addressed: Reference


Connecting with Services for Older Adults and Their Family Caregivers
Presenter: Arcelia Armstrong, LSW, and Katina Gaston, MBA, Area Office on Aging of Northwestern Ohio, Inc.

Do you get questions from patrons about how to take care of older family members? This session will explain how to access resources for family caregivers, even if their loved ones have limited financial options or if they live out of town. You’ll learn how to assist family caregivers and point them to valuable information and resources.

Ohio Public Library Core Competencies Addressed: Patron Awareness


Meeting Customers Where They Are: Programming for Adults With Disabilities
Presenters: Jo Schofield, Cuyahoga County Public Library (Warrensville Heights Branch); Angeline James, Cuyahoga County Public Library (Brook Park Branch)

Programming for adults with special needs can be overwhelming and anxiety-inducing for some staff. This session will highlight varied programs currently in practice designed specifically for adults with disabilities and describe the evolution of the community partnerships that brought about each program. You will leave this session with ideas that you can easily implement back at your library.

Ohio Public Library Core Competencies Addressed: Programming


Diversity in Customer Service
Presenters: Jen Farrell, Huron County Community Library; Kaya Burgin, Westerville Public Library

Customer service is more than a friendly smile. To create a safe and inviting experience for everyone, library staff may need to step outside of their own comfort zones. Find out how to welcome diversity at your library in small and simple ways. This session will talk about issues surrounding censorship and intellectual freedom and how to create a library that welcomes everyone. You’ll come away from this session with tips, trending cues, pronouns and more.

Ohio Public Library Core Competencies Addressed: Intellectual Freedom


Fake News, Real Consequences
Presenter: Megan Chrusciel, Westerville Public Library

Arm your patrons with tips and tricks for how to spot fake news and how to avoid falling for biased, satirical or misleading information. This session will focus on an information literacy and a critical thinking approach to the hot-button topic of fake news, while steering clear of politically charged subjects.

Ohio Public Library Core Competencies Addressed: Intellectual Freedom, Patron Instruction, Programming, Reference

10:45 – 11:45 a.m. |  Breakout Sessions

Reaching Out to Seniors & the Disabled: Creating Inclusive, Fun, & Stimulating Programming for a Diverse Community

Presenter: Sarah Crawford, Lima Public Library

As more libraries look to reach out into their communities and integrate their services outside of the library, programming for seniors and the disabled is both an exciting and rewarding challenge. This session will discuss how to develop and implement programming that seeks to support, include, and enrich the interests of such a diverse population. You’ll gain hands-on knowledge of successful programs, plus plenty of ideas to try in your community.

Ohio Public Library Core Competencies Addressed: Programming


Helping Adults Learn: Learning to Teach

Presenter: Jessica Curtis, Westerville Public Library

Accessing databases, downloading ebooks, finding lexicon levels: libraries teach adults how to do things every single day. This session will explain the basics of how adults learn and specific ways to help different types of learners in a variety of settings.

Ohio Public Library Core Competencies Addressed: Patron Instruction


Sharpening Technology Troubleshooting in the Library

Presenter: Ryan Rigaux, Toledo Lucas County Public Library

“My ebook isn’t working! How do I fix it?” Learn how to answer this question and others with confidence. This session will hone your troubleshooting skills with ebooks and other technology issues. You’ll learn how to solve problems like a pro, and impress them with your mastery. You’ll leave this session with a better understanding of how to properly troubleshoot, where to go for help if you get stuck, and how to stay up-to-date on the emedia information most critical to your patrons.

Ohio Public Library Core Competencies Addressed: Basic Computer Use, Customer Service, Patron Instruction


See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil: Self-Censorship and Librarianship

Presenter: Kaya Burgin, Westerville Public Library

Self-censorship is the primary form of censorship taking place in today’s libraries. Librarians are worried about challenges to their materials, concerned about their reputations, are often fearful about losing their jobs. Self-censorship often goes completely unrealized by anyone other than the librarian who has censored the materials, damages library collections and often excludes the patrons who most need access to libraries. During this interactive session, you will identify the ways we self-censor, the reason we self-censor, and how we can put a stop to this insidious habit.

Ohio Public Library Core Competencies Addressed: Intellectual Freedom, Collection Management



Financial Literacy

Presenter: Melissa Jeter, Toledo Lucas County Public Library

Adults often find themselves in situations that they don’t understand. “Why can’t I seem to save enough money?” “What is Good Credit?” When they arrive at the reference desk of the adult librarian, they seek a practical answer that can resolve their issue right now. What and how the issue can be resolved may actually need more time than the transaction nature of the reference interview. Learn how to create financial literacy programming for your community.

Ohio Public Library Core Competencies Addressed: Programming, Community Awareness, Intellectual Freedom, Problem Solving, Reference


Adult Services Smackdown: Core Competencies Edition UNPROGRAM

Moderators: Megan Sheeran, Upper Arlington Public Library and Aimee Adams, Medina County Public Library

From adaptability to readers’ advisory and everything in between, this informal session will pose challenge questions based on the OLC’s set of Core Competencies for Adult Services. Participants will answer questions and share their experiences. Whether you’re a new or seasoned adult services librarian, you will gain a better understanding of the practical skills and knowledge required for success in your position.

Ohio Public Library Core Competencies Addressed: Adaptability, Basic Computer Use/Hardware Knowledge, Collection Management, Communication, Community Awareness, Customer Service, Equipment Troubleshooting, Ethics, Intellectual Freedom, Laws, Library Advocacy, Library Website and Catalog Basics, Organizational Awareness, Patron Awareness, Patron Instruction
Problem Solving, Programming, Readers’ Advisory, Reference, Teamwork

1:15 – 2:15 p.m. |  Breakout Sessions

Digitization Basics: Bit by Byte

Presenter: Jen Johnson, State Library of Ohio

This session will explore the stages of a digitization project, including material selection, equipment needs, funding and support sources, and workflow mapping. You’ll leave with the knowledge, tools and confidene to finally get a start on that certain project you’ve been thinking about, and an abundance of resources to consult every step along the way.

Ohio Public Library Core Competencies Addressed: Adaptability, Organizational Skills


ASPIRE Grant: Increasing Adult Education Opportunities at Your Library 

Presenters: Pam Jankowski and Susan Sheeran, Cuyahoga County Public Library

Approximately 724,500 working-age adults in Ohio have not completed a high school diploma (or equivalent.) The Ohio Department of Higher Education’s ASPIRE grants provide funding to support adult education services that lead to employment, and all public libraries in Ohio are eligible to apply. Gain a better understanding of ASPIRE including the requirements, best practices and the role it plays in workforce development.

Ohio Public Library Core Competencies Addressed: Programming


Ohio Web Library Update and Ohio Web Resources for Patrons

Presenters: Mandy Knapp, OPLIN; Mary Anne DiAlesandro, Mansfield/Richland County Public Library

Come for an update on the new Ohio Web Library Resources, stay for tips and tricks for using those resources with teens for high school projects! Every five years the resources in the Ohio Web Library are refreshed. This session will give you a preview of what stays and what goes. You’ll learn how to help your patrons understand why using databases for certain types of questions will yield unquestionably better results by playing “Will it Google?” You’ll see the results of a Google search compared to those using OWL databases, and learn how to highlight the usability of these databases for quick, thorough, trustworthy information.

Ohio Public Library Core Competencies Addressed: Reference


Creating and Implementing an Adult Services/Peer Training Reference Orientation at Your Library

Presenters: Jennifer Baumann and Patricia Furney, Columbus Metropolitan Library – Main Library

In this session you will learn how to develop, successfully implement, and evaluate a reference orientation for new information staff at your library. This orientation will cover the philosophy and foundations of reference work, key electronic and print resources, and how to have successful transactions with your customers.

Ohio Public Library Core Competencies Addressed: Reference, Staff Training


The Truth is Out There: Web Tricks and Tools for Spotting Misinformation

Presenter: Megan Sheeran, Upper Arlington Public Library

Online scammers, advertisers, and fake news peddlers have made finding reliable information more difficult than ever. Learn about some free web tools you can use to verify that what you’re looking at is legitimate. During this session, you will learn how to do a reverse image search, look up a domain’s registration, use the Wayback Machine, and more.

Ohio Public Library Core Competencies Addressed: Reference


Parent Engagement — From the Start

Presenters: Janet Ingraham Dwyer, State Library of Ohio; Emily Rozmus, INFOhio

They’re in your library now: excited, nervous mom-and-dads- to-be, browsing the parenting guides and baby name books. But will they disappear until their child is old enough for preschool storytime? Let’s hope not! Up to 85% of all learning takes place in the first 3 years of life. Libraries hold tremendous resources and supports for parents, and other primary care givers, to be confident and capable as their children’s first teachers.During this session, you will learn more about Ohio Ready to Read, INFOhio’s Early Learning Portal, and the “Reading ‘Round the Clock” initiative, all developed to help the parents in your community support their children in literacy and learning from birth.

Ohio Public Library Core Competencies Addressed: Patron Awareness

2:30 – 4:00 p.m. |  Breakout Sessions

Responding to the Inappropriate

Presenter: Dani Hollar, Lima Public Library

It has happened to us all, a customer says or does something that makes you uncomfortable. But how do you respond? Finding the perfect words in the moment can be difficult if you’re feeling flustered: here is your chance to practice! This session will share some great responses for when things get inappropriate, and then you’ll have the opportunity to rehearse your response to the inappropriate situation. You will leave this session with several phrases to employ during uncomfortable situations, and feel more confident in extricating yourself from those situations.

Ohio Public Library Core Competencies Addressed: Communication


Subject Need Not Apply: Non-Fiction Readers’ Advisory

Presenter: Jessica Curtis, Westerville Public Library

Not a big non-fiction reader? No problem. Luckily there is a science to a good non-fiction readers’ advisory. During this session, you will learn the various ways to separate and classify non-fiction beyond the topic so that you can get the right book into the right hands. You will learn the four different appeal factors of non-fiction as well as specific examples regarding food and cooking, science and nature, sports, memoirs, true crime, travel, history and biography, and general non-fiction.

Ohio Public Library Core Competencies Addressed: Readers’ Advisory


Library Resources for Small Business Customers

Presenter: Linda Lucas Fayerweather, MBA, Toledo Lucas County Public Library

Helping a customer that is trying to start or grow a business should not cause concern. Often, a business owner is desperate for answers and doesn’t even know the questions to ask. Having even a few reliable business resources on hand will make you more comfortable and will make the library a valuable community resource. During this session, you will explore the most common questions asked by customers who are thinking about starting a business including how to write a business plan. You’ll learn how the needs of business startups and existing businesses differ, and reliable data sources and websites to use to help you feel like a small business pro.

Ohio Public Library Core Competencies Addressed: Community Awareness


Today’s Genealogist: Changing Your Approach at the Library

Presenter: Tom Neel, Ohio Genealogical Society

Technology has impacted the user in two major ways — family and local history research is performed in one’s PJ’s at home, and, we no longer participate in the local society with the training that mentors in the group historically provided. During this session, you will gain a better understanding of what this changing landscape means for your patrons. Do we need to keep all this stuff? How do we get those patron counts up? Do I need to know how to map DNA test results? Why did the DAR turn down Ancestry.com? This session will answer these questions, revisit methodology, and rediscover what makes this hobby fun.

Ohio Public Library Core Competencies Addressed: Reference


Collaborating With Community Partners for Programming

Presenter: Ruth Monnier, Winters-Bellbrook Community Library of the Greene County Public Library System

Looking for new and fresh programming? This interactive session will explore how to build bridges with your community partners to create fun and innovative programming. Bring your ideas, tips, practical solutions, and questions to this audience-driven unprogram.

Ohio Public Library Core Competencies Addressed: Programming, Patron Awareness, Patron Instruction, Communication


The Future of Library Programming: Are You Ready for It?
Presenters: Ada Myers, Licking County Library (Buckeye Lake Branch); and Deirdre McIntyre, Licking County Library (Hebron Branch)

Have you ever thought of offering a self-defense class or a ballroom dance program at your library? How about hosting live reindeer? This session will explore creative and successful programming ideas that will get your library noticed in the community. You will learn how to network and build partnerships to not only expand your patron base, but also improve the overall quality and diversity of your library programs. Get ready to challenge your idea of what library programming should look like.

Ohio Public Library Core Competencies Addressed: Programming