Archived Version of Protecting Seniors in Our Communities Webinar Now Available

Protecting Seniors in Our Communities: Care Options, Residents’ Rights and Legal Documents 

Finding reliable information for seniors and their caregivers can be difficult, even under normal circumstances. But with the ongoing pandemic, helping patrons find long-term care options and legal information is even more difficult. On Dec. 9, the OLC hosted a free webinar for members on all of the resources available to ensure the safety, security, and quality of life of Ohio’s seniors.  Miriam Sheline, Managing Attorney and Robert Vines, Managing Ombudsman with Pro Seniors, Inc. covered a range of topics, including long-term care options in Ohio and legal documents required for a patron caring for a loved one.

View an archived version of this webinar.
[Run time:  1 hour 47 minutes]


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  • Miriam Sheline, Managing Attorney, Pro Seniors, Inc.
  • Robert Vines, Managing Ombudsman, Pro Seniors, Inc.
Learning Objectives:
  • Identify the different types of long-term care settings in Ohio.
  • Understand the long-term care aging network.
  • Review online resources available to assist patrons who are researching long-term care options.
  • Learn more about payment options for care.
  • Locate basic resources for resolving long-term care problems.
  • Understand the legal documents a patron would need for choosing care options, managing income and resources, arranging for payment options for care, and for advocating for a long-term care resident.
  • Be aware of the legal liability and responsibility an individual faces when acting as a sponsor for a resident.