ODT Posts September PLF Distribution

The Ohio Department of Taxation (ODT) has posted the September 2019 Public Library Fund (PLF) distribution of $36,880,557 which was higher than both the September 2018 distribution ($35,340,783) and the September 2019 estimate ($35,419,015) from ODT. This brings the Calendar Year (CY) 2019 total to $306,868,764. Overall, state tax receipts for the month of August exceeded estimates by $62.5 million, about 3% above what was expected for the month.

A look at the PLF distribution for the past three years and a link to an Excel spreadsheet listing each county’s distribution total for September 2019 can be found on the OLC website.

Update on August PLF Distribution & True-up
The OLC recently met with the ODT and learned that the calculation for the July True-up was based on state tax receipts for the month of July, not June. The ODT’s spreadsheet showing their calculations for the distribution is available on the OLC website. Be sure to look at the fourth tab of the spreadsheet titled “PLF Total Impact by County.”