OPLIN Board Continues Lynda.com/LinkedIn Learning Service

At their meeting on Aug. 9, the OPLIN Board reviewed the new terms for LinkedIn Learning for Libraries and discussed the limited access that OPLIN staff will have to the administrator accounts for the service. Under LinkedIn Learning’s new terms of service, a library cardholder will need to create a LinkedIn profile in order to access the platform’s educational courses. The ALA and other organizations have opposed LinkedIn’s plans, but due to the high usage of the Lynda.com content and the value Ohioans put on this resource, the OPLIN board decided to continue the statewide agreement.

LinkedIn is currently conducting beta-tests of the new platform for libraries. They intend to move all library customers onto the new platform within the next couple months. One of the requirements is that each of the old Lynda administrator accounts will have its functions transferred to an individual’s LinkedIn profile. In most cases, the current Lynda administrator accounts are associated with library directors’ email addresses, but the LinkedIn Learning administrator functions do not have to be in the director’s LinkedIn account. They can be delegated to another staff member. This must be a library employee’s personal LinkedIn account; LinkedIn does not allow shared profile access, nor do they allow multiple administrators for LinkedIn Learning for Libraries.

If your library does not wish to move patrons onto the new platform, OPLIN will honor that request. Library directors can send an email to support@oplin.ohio.gov or contact don@oplin.ohio.gov if you would like to add your reasons. The OPLIN Board is interested in knowing them. They are also interested in any patron feedback you receive concerning Lynda.com/LinkedIn Learning. If you opt out, your patrons will remain on the existing platform until Dec. 31, 2019. More information about this change is posted on the OPLIN website.