ODT Posts July PLF Distribution

The Ohio Department of Taxation has posted the July 2019 Public Library Fund distribution of $37,724,727. It was calculated based on the permanent law percentage of 1.66% of the state’s General Revenue Fund tax receipts for the month of June.

Even though overall state tax receipts for the month of June came in $34.3 million over estimate, the actual July PLF distribution does not reflect the PLF percentages still pending at the Statehouse. Based on a quick analysis for OLC by Dr. Howard Fleeter, the July PLF distribution could have been either of the following:

  • July PLF at 1.68%: $38,184,262
  • July PLF at 1.70%: $38,643,797

A look at the PLF distribution for the past three years and a link to an Excel spreadsheet listing each county’s distribution total for July 2019 can be found on the OLC website.