ODT Posts Final CY19 PLF Certification Update

The Ohio Department of Taxation (ODT) issued their final estimates for the PLF distributions for each county for Calendar Year 2019 (CY19). It is extremely important to note that these revised estimates do NOT take into consideration the proposed changes in HB 166, the state’s biennial budget bill, as it is still pending at the Statehouse. Each county certification clearly states:

“This entitlement estimate is based on 1.66 percent of projected revenues (net of the transfers) from General Revenue Fund tax sources, multiplied by your county’s computed share of the total PLF for the July-December 2019 period (statutory percentage).”

ODT also notes “that the above figures for the remainder of 2019 are estimates, reflecting the current best projection of state tax revenues during Calendar Year 2019 under existing law.”

Be sure to read your county’s certification carefully. The January-June 2019 distributions are actual amounts distributed and the July-December 2019 distributions are still estimates.

Overall, ODT is now estimating the total CY19 PLF distribution will be $405,464,170, which is $10,362,822 more than the figure ODT certified in December 2018 ($395,101,348).

As a reminder, by statute, ODT is required to provide an initial certification in July for the following calendar year. That certification is then updated later that year in December and a final update is required in June of the actual calendar year. Therefore, the final statutorily required certification for CY19 was just provided and no further updates are planned by ODT for the CY19 estimates. The next certification issued by ODT will be in July 2019 for CY20. Once the state budget bill is finalized, OLC will work with our consultant, Fleeter & Associates, to update the PLF distribution estimates for the remainder of CY19.