24 Library Professionals Earn or Renew Certifications

Congratulations to the following individuals who have recently earned or renewed their Certified Public Librarian (CPL) or Certified Public Library Staff (CPLS) designation:

Cynthia Andres, CPLS Fairfield County District Library
Samantha Betts, CPL Fairfield County District Library
Amy Cobb, CPLS Ritter Public Library
Ruby Dalton, CPLS Ritter Public Library
Colleen DeMarco, CPLS Ritter Public Library
Mary Fenner, CPLS Dayton Metro Library
Angela Folley, CPLS Ritter Public Library
Elizabeth Gibbons-Camp, CPLS Chillicothe and Ross County Public Library
Jodi Grubb, CPLS Fairfield County District Library
Heather Habermehl, CPLS Ritter Public Library
Erica Halsey, CPL MidPointe Library System
Jessica Hermiller, CPL Bluffton Public Library
Allison Howell, CPL Mansfield/Richland County Public Library
Patricia Kishman, CPLS Ritter Public Library
Jennifer Monnin, CPL Perry County District Library
Cynthia Naylor, CPLS Stark County District Library
Laurie Post, CPLS Delaware County District Library
Kara Reuter, CPL Worthington Libraries
Jean Ruark, CPL Mansfield/Richland County Public Library
Diane Rupert, CPLS Ritter Public Library
Ann-Ellen White, CPLS Ritter Public Library
Cathy Wunderle, CPLS Ritter Public Library
Victoria Vogel, CPL Huron County Community Library
Sheila Zirkle, CPLS Fairfield County District Library

Certification holders are encouraged to wear their new lapel pins and use CPL or CPLS after their signatures and on business cards. It’s a great way to show your commitment to the public library community. Learn more about Certification.