2019 Professional Development: Call for Event Chairs and Planning Committee Members

For 2019, the Professional Development Committee (PDC) has identified three new events as well as a new education initiative. The goal with these offerings is to continue to provide outstanding education opportunities for OLC members.

New Events for 2019
Based on member feedback, the PDC decided to focus on three themes for next year: safety and security, community engagement, and facilities. The tentative dates and proposed locations include:

  • Safety and Security in the Library, October 2019, Northeast Ohio
    • Spotlighting ways administration and staff can keep each other and their patrons safe in the library.
  • Community Engagement, May 2019, Central Ohio
    • Exploring ways libraries can reach out to local agencies and organizations to create unique and lasting partnerships that will strengthen their community as a whole.
  • Facilities, Date TBD, Central Ohio
    • Identifying ways physical buildings can be used, updated, and created to serve the needs of library patrons.

The OLC is currently seeking Planning Committee members for all three events. If you would like to be considered as a member of one of the planning committees or if you would like to chair a committee, please contact Lori Hensley, OLC’s Director of Education and Events, at lhensley@olc.org by June 29.

On-Demand Education
The PDC is also launching a new initiative which seeks to create an on-demand and self-directed educational opportunity. This project will involve commissioning a series of 10-15-minute audio clips from OLC members around specific topics. These will be released regularly, with a timeline of one set each quarter. The goal is to create a quick and easy way to stay up-to-date on a variety of topics throughout the year, as well as to learn something new about an area of librarianship you may not be as closely tied to. The OLC is currently seeking individuals who would like to spearhead this project. If you would like to be a part of this on-going committee, please contact Lori Hensley, OLC’s Director of Education and Events, at lhensley@olc.org by June 22.