Michelle Francis

Executive Director
Phone: 614-410-8092 x105

Jay Smith

Director of Government and Legal Services
Phone: 614-410-8092  x103 

Lori Hensley, CMP

Director of Education and Events
Phone: (614) 410-8092 x107

Jeanine D’Andrea

Director of Member Services
Phone: (614) 410-8092 x106

Angie Jacobsen

Director of Communications
(614)  410-8092 x110

Jason Gandee

Events Manager
Phone: (614) 410-8092 x109

Ronita (Ro) Swanson

Technology Coordinator
Phone: (614) 410-8092 x115

Denise Kise

Accounting/Data Services Manager
Phone: (614) 410-8092 x112

Sandy Diosy

Office Administrator
Phone: (614) 410-8092 x101

Beth Ann Yablonski

Phone: (614) 410-8092 x100