Small Libraries Division

Action Council | Goals and Objectives

The Small Libraries Division represents the interests of small libraries in Ohio, and provides a forum for administrators, staff members, and trustees to discuss issues of particular concern to small libraries.

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Action Council

Nicole Baker, Coordinator (2020)
St. Paris Public Library
Work: (937) 663-4349

Daphne Silchuk-Ashcraft, Assistant Coordinator (2020)
Orrville Public Library
Work: (330) 683-1065

Kathleen Webb, Secretary (2020)
Marvin Memorial Library
Work: (419) 347-5576 x 303

Jim Gill, Past Coordinator (2020)
Dover Public Library
Work: (330) 343-6123

Brenda Miller (2021)
New Madison Public Library
Work: (937) 996-1741

Lisa Santucci  (2020)
Tipp City Public Library
Work: (937) 667-3826 x 201

Tara Sidwell (2021)
Kate Love Simpson-Morgan Co Library
Work: (740) 962-2533

Doug Walsh (2020)
St. Clairsville Public Library
Work: (740) 695-2062 x 612

Board Liaison: Tom Dillie
PDC Liaison: Luke Bentley, Erin Kelsey
Staff Liaison: Michelle Francis


Goals and Objectives

(1) Explore more effective ways to inform and support small libraries throughout the state.

  • Introduce Small Libraries Division at New Directors Workshop.
  • Survey small libraries to find out their preferred method of delivery of continuing education programs.
  • Promote the Administrator Forums to attract more attendees.
    • Continue to work with the OLC Human Resources and Trainer Development Division to have a representative discuss HR topics.
    • Choose five good locations around the state to make it as convenient as possible for administrators to attend.
  • Continue to update the Small Libraries Division blog at least once a month with relevant articles.
    • Explore possibility of featuring a small library in the state each month on the blog.
    • Increase the focus on marketing the blog to make sure it is reaching a wide audience.
  • Develop more content for the OLC Small Libraries division web page.

(2) Offer programs on topics of interest to small libraries at the 2020 Convention and Expo.

  • Host a small libraries’ Director roundtable.
  • Increase collaboration with other OLC Divisions and Committees to gear program topics toward small libraries.
  • Investigate the possibility of holding programs aimed at small libraries on Thursday to make it more convenient for Directors who can only attend one day.