Meeting Materials

OLC Board of Directors Meeting
Sept. 18, 2020
10:00 a.m.
Virtual Meeting via Zoom


Combined Document (45 pages) [PDF]

Individual Reports  [PDFs]


2A BoD Minutes 07.17.20

3A Financial Report: Month-End – July 2020

3B Clermont County Institutional Membership

3C NYLA MOU for Virtual Conference

3D Andrew Carnegie Award

3E Ratification of OLC Committee Appointments

3G 2021 OLC Convention and Expo Location

5B OLC Board Meeting Dates – 2021

5C 2020 OLC Elections Report

5D ALA Councilor Report

5E SLO Report

5F OPLIN Report

5G Executive Director’s Report

5H1 Government and Legal Services Report

5H2 Education Report

5H3 Events Report

5H4 Communications Report

5H5 Member Services Report