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Outreach and Special Services Division

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OLC Action Council

Anna Heinz, Coordinator (2015)
Cuyahoga County Public Library
Work: (440) 777-6211
Email: aheinz@cuyahogalibrary.org

Lindsey Smith, Assistant Coordinator (2015)
Worthington Libraries
Work: (614) 807-2643
Email: lsmith@worthingtonlibraries.org

Melissa Wagner, Secretary (2015)
Wadsworth Public Library
Work: (330) 334-5761
Email: melissa.wagner@wadsworthlibrary.com

Kathleen Moore, Past Coordinator (2015)
Dayton Metro Library
Work: (937) 496-8509
Email: kmoore@daytonmetrolibrary.org

Robbie Apt, Action Council Member (2016)
Delaware County District Library
Work: (740) 549-2665
Email: rapt@delawarelibrary.org

Julie Buchanan, Action Council Member (2016)
Dayton Metro Library
Work: (937) 496-8859
Email: jbuchanan@daytonmetrolibrary.org

Ruth Gorman, Action Council Member (2015)
London Public Library
Work: (740) 852-9543
Email: rgorman@mylondonlibrary.org

Brock Hutchison, Action Council Member (2015)
Licking County District Library
Work: 740-349-5562
Email: bhutchison@lickingcountylibrary.info

Deborah Dubois, Board Liaison

OLC Purpose and Objectives

2015 Goals and Objectives PDF

Division Task Forces and Chairs

Library Services to Older Adults Task Force (Inactive)

  • Established in 1978
  • Develops programs for older adults through electronic publications such as Elderberries and at program events including Chapter and statewide conferences and webinars
  • Works closely with OLC's Adult Services Division

Youth Outreach Services Task Force (Inactive)
This task force is committed to providing the best reading and library resources to youth of all ages throughout our communities. By going where youth are, youth outreach introduces children and teens to wonderful materials and services to delight, engage, and promote literacy.

  • Established in 2002
  • Committed to providing the best outreach services and resources to youth of all ages throughout Ohio
  • Spotlights best practices in outreach to children and teens
  • Offers workshops and other continuing education opportunities on meeting the outreach needs of youth
  • Provides ideas for training and outreach to caregivers, community agencies, and other concerned adults
  • Works closely with OLC's Children's and Young Adult Services Divisions

Library Services to the Institutionalized Task Force (Inactive)
The purpose of this task force is to promote the interests and needs of libraries serving institutions in Ohio . These are librarians, support staff, and outreach service providers whose responsibility is providing quality library services to people in institutions including jails, prisons, community-based correctional facilities, mental health facilities, juvenile correctional institutions and detention centers, and facitities for the developmentally disabled.

  • Support and leadership for services to the incarcerated and institutionalized
  • Statewide staff development and networking opportunities

Bookmobile Task Force (Inactive)
This task force provides support and leadership to libraries maintaining and planning bookmobile service for their patrons.

  • Established in 1989
  • Provides staff development at bookmobile conferences, OLC Chapter Conferences and other statewide conferences.
OLC Annual Report

No 2014 Annual Report Submitted

OLC Resources/Publications

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